Sunday, February 28, 2010

Holy "morning sickness"

Ok you know that good side of morning sickness I have always talked about? Well, its really hard to remember that when your head is ear deep in the toilet with a runny nose and watery eyes. For real. As much as I know that morning sickness means the baby is growing and doing well its much easier to remember that when I'm flopped on the sofa with a bowel of mac n cheese. called morning sickness hits at about 1 a.m. and lasts...well...until I can coax myself into falling back asleep, sometimes that's 2:30 and sometimes that's 5:30. Now the nauseousness, however, lasts all day long. Needless to say applesauce is my new BFF. Carmel delight girl scout cookies...foe for sure.

Now some of you may read this and go hey at least you're pregnant and have morning sickness. And yes, you are absolutely right. And some people have morning sickness waaaaaaaaaaaay worse than you. Oh yeah I'm very lucky and I am very oddly thankful for the morning sickness but nobody said I had to like it :-)

Continue to grow though baby!!! We'll get through this first tri and hopefully its smooth sailing!

Friday, February 26, 2010

The OG

Someone please take me to the Olive Garden for the unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Attack of the gigantic boobs

Last night my wonderful hubby made me a bowl of ice cream and while nomming what usually happens...happened. I dropped a little bit on myself. My boobs to be exact. Here is the conversation that followed.

Me: Uh...awe man...(giggle)

DH: I always can tell when you get food on yourself.

Me: I dropped some on my boobs...shall I save it for you?

DH: I'm not going near those things. They will eat me alive! I could lose an arm!

Haha needless to say he is slightly scared of the enormous boobs I have been growing. I would say I'm probably up almost a full cup size already....making me a D....eek! Even I'm scared!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We got to see the baby today and it's little heartbeat. They measured me at 6 weeks 4 days and my EDD is October 15th. The baby's heartbeat was 115. We celebrated by going out and buying a pregnancy book and a BeBand because my jeans are fitting snug around the bloat. It was incredible. I can't wipe the smile off of my face. Just....amazing

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm not the only one

I just found out that my cousin's girlfriend is pregnant! She is due 1 month before me! Yay!

6 weeks!

-How far along? 6 weeks!
-How big is baby? Sweet pea
-Weight gain/loss? I'm not sure. I actually don't own a scale so you'll just have to wait til I stop by and use my parent's.
-Maternity clothes? Nope, mainly just yoga pants. Jeans feel a little snug unfortunately...
-Stretchies? Not from pregnancy
-Sleep? I added another pillow to the mix. I now sleep with 4 pillows...soon there will be no room for hubby, only pillows.
-Best moment this week? First appointment tomorrow and ultrasound!
-Movement? Definitely not.
-Food cravings? Nothing...feeling pretty lousy lately.
-Gender? I've had girl feelings but family is thinking boy.
-Labor signs? Nope!
-Belly button in or out? In and I think it will stay that way. I have a freakishly deep belly button
-What I miss? Feeling good.
-What I am looking forward to? Second tri!
-Weekly wisdom? Eat small meals/snacks every couple of hours, keep crackers at your bedside.
-Milestones? Just making it another week and hopefully seeing a heartbeat tomorrow!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nothing but grease

I have eaten horrible this week! I'm ashamed. This weekend at the grocery store I'm stock piling healthy food thats easy to cook. This week alone I have consumed Arby's, McDonalds, chinese, 2 boxes of candy and now I want pizza so bad! Oh and last night I ate a couple of fried chicken wings....ugh.

I am trying to use the pizza as motivation to work. All I want to do is sleep and food for a pregnant woman is great motivation. Think its okay if I promise to eat better? I've worked out...a little...this week. And I'm going to be nauseous eventually to where I won't want to eat or can't eat.

I'm taking your silence as a yes it's okay :-) Thank you

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Changing the ticker...again

So I liked this whole how big is baby thing until it put me in the 6 week category which I am only 5 weeks and 3 days!! Guess it rounds up??? Haha this will work for now :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Weeks

I always liked to read other people's surveys on their blogs so I thought I would join in as well :-)

-How far along?
5 weeks!
-How big is baby? Appleseed
-Weight gain/loss? I'm not sure. I actually don't own a scale so you'll just have to wait til I stop by and use my parent's.
-Maternity clothes? Nope, mainly just yoga pants. Jeans feel a little snug unfortunately...
-Stretchies? Not from pregnancy
-Sleep? I wake up at 4 almost every morning and have a terrible time falling back asleep...maybe pregnancy related, maybe not.
-Best moment this week? Feeling nauseous this morning and dizzy. Weird right? But at this point I welcome the symptoms I just want to know the baby is doing okay.
-Movement? Definitely not.
-Food cravings? I don't really have any cravings, maybe spicy food but I was like that before pregnancy haha
-Gender? I've had girl feelings but family is thinking boy.
-Labor signs? Nope!
-Belly button in or out? In and I think it will stay that way. I have a freakishly deep belly button
-What I miss? Wine
-What I am looking forward to? So many things!!
-Weekly wisdom? Have a routine exercise workout before pregnancy that way when you do become pregnant you're not terrified to work out because you hadn't previously.
-Milestones? Just making it another week!

I won't be doing belly shots until I start showing something besides bloat :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trading symptoms

So I woke up this morning with no more boob pain and the cramps subsided a couple of days ago. What has it been replaced with you ask? ACNE. Oh my gosh. Its not cystic acne like I had in high school...they are these little tiny dots EVERYWHERE. My forehead is solid! I'm debating getting bangs haha! I think I might also have some nausea, no tossing cookies quite yet though.

I have to say all of which I gladly accept! I feel like all of these things are good signs that the baby is growing :-)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What we did...

So I always like to read what others might have done differently the cycle they got their BFP so I thought I would share what we did.

I have been taking a prenatal and started B6 in July. I have been on 100 mg daily. This was our first cycle using Preseed. We used it every time. We started BDing on cycle day 12 and continued every other day until I confirmed ovulation by charting.

So the Preseed and BDing was different. Rather than everyday around estimated O we just did every other day the whole month.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


HCG done on Monday (14DPO): 515

HCG done on Wednesday (16 DPO): 1503!!!

Yes you are reading that right! It did not tripled!!


Pins and Needles

I have been waiting for lab results all afternoon! I finally got a call at 4:00 (when the office closes). They told me that the labwork sent wasn't for a stat so they called, changed it to stat and my doctor said to have it called into her cell phone and she will personally call me tonight with the results.

I opened up the directory from my insurance site and picked an office of 2 women who delivered at the hospital nearby...I think I made a great choice. This place has not only been proactive but every time I have talked to someone they have been informative, helpful and personable. Besides the US tech that didn't use lube on the internal ultrasound and had a little word vomit about a septum....

So a little update hopefully later tonight :-)

I'm right and you're wrong

I am refusing to believe I have a uterine septum. I researched A LOT yesterday and they cannot diagnose this after 1 ultrasound! Not too mention it is something you are born with and I have had other ultrasounds when I was younger that were fine besides cysts! And a doctor never sat me down to discuss this septum thing either. An US tech cannot diagnose someone! This is my stance and I'm sticking to it haha! Plus a lot of women can have healthy pregnancies with a septum. The only problem comes when the baby implants on the septum as apposed to the outer uterine wall because it cannot get enough nutrients this way. However, I also believe that my progesterone and HCG would not be as good if the baby was having trouble getting the nutrients it needs. I will be interested to see what my results are from the blood work today. Hopefully they double and I won't seem so much in denial but more right on track :-)

Stay tuned for happier posts like how my mother broke the news to my entire hometown, how a stranger told my grandma I was pregnant and what we did different out BFP cycle!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The appt.

Alright so I went in today for my date with the dildo cam. So far there is nothing to see. We kind of expected this since it was so early (only 4 weeks). The tech thought she might have seen a gestational sac but wasn't sure. They have ordered more blood work again for tomorrow so 48 hours from my last. I'm sure they want to make sure the HCG is doubling. They told me my level from the other day was around 500 and that my progesterone was so good they decided not to even check it again. So if you guys have ever looked up HCG charts .... isn't 500 a little on the high side for 14 DPO?

I was also told I had a uterine septum...I've never been told this...She said it was no big deal but if you look it up it doesn't seem like no biggie.

EDIT: No haha. A septum uterus seems like a big freaking deal!!! (Insert complete freakout)

Anyways, I will keep you updated for the next couple of days :-) Thank you so much for keeping us in your T&P. Please continue to do so!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Test and more....

I took another test this morning (probably my last one) and the test line showed up before the control line ever did. Woot!

On another note, I called and made an appointment with a new OB. I happened to mention a little bit of pain on the right side that's pretty constant and before I knew it I was getting blood work and being setup for an ultrasound tomorrow. Whoa.

I've googled a bit a realized that a 4 week ultrasound isn't going to show anything except maybe a sac. They are concerned about an ectopic. I get cysts a lot so I'm assuming that it's a cyst (hoping its a cyst). So once again keep me in your T&P tomorrow that all goes well.

So sweet baby you be in the ute hanging on for dear life and I will feed you a salad and baked potato...again :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I took a test again this morning...a second line showed up but it took a little while. I woke up about 3 hours earlier because nature was calling so I'm assuming that technically I didn't use first morning urine this time. It was only 3 hours in between...I really hope this was the reason for the test not coming up immediately positive like the other day but just in case I could really use prayers, thoughts, vibes, anything you can throw my way I will gladly accept.

I thought it would show up faster and darker because my levels should be doubling...I know I know stop stressing. I just don't want this to be a chemical pregnancy. You'd think after 3 positives including a digital that a chemical pregnancy would be a distant worry...but its not.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm in shock

Yes, you're reading that right. Through those blurry words on the picture before you is the word pregnant. I can't believe it. I woke up this morning not sure if I should test and I thought since I got 4 free tests from buying preseed we could stand to "waste" one. It came back positive in about 3 minutes. We decided to make a Walmart run for a digital and some First Response tests. Came pregnant....First Response....2 lines!!!! I'm 10 DPO maybe 12 if I ovulated when I thought I "felt" it.

My symptoms aren't really all extraordinary right now. My boobs are a little sore and I have cramps. Like AF cramps. They are off and on. And bloat!! I'm sure over the next few days there will be plenty more symptoms to tell you about.

I have already told my mom who told my aunt. I called my sister (who is now driving to come be with me she is so excited :-)). I'm getting ready for phone calls to my grandma and Dad. Those are the only people we are going to tell I think. I debated on whether or not I want to say anything until we were further along but we are a family and we're in this together. I'm sure the entire family will know after this weekend. My mother can't hold this in but who are we kidding? Neither can I!!

I'm already scared. I pray so much that this baby will stick, that this baby will be healthy. It's a blessing, it's amazing and I am so thankful! I'm going to enjoy this and try to be positive. It took us a long time to get to this point. Thank you God!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Like magic

My cramps are completely gone. They only lasted for a couple of days. Not sure about the bloat, that usually happens after I eat but I got a little bit of the "I don't want tos" today. I had a rotten afternoon yesterday and would like nothing more than to lay around and play video games or watch Lifetime movies all day. And nothing sounds good to eat. Nothing I have at home at least. Blah day...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1 week down

Here I am 1 week through my 2WW. I have some pretty crazy phantom symptoms going on right now. Yesterday I was bloated all day long! I wasn't when I woke up but then after I would eat I would balloon. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't fall back asleep I had this weird feeling of being hungry but also having a little tinge of heartburn. Today though, I have cramps and I'm pretty snappy but that could just be that the dog woke me up because she wanted out of the room and DH ALWAYS shuts the door after he wakes up so she can't get out.

The cramps usually mean I'm out. I often get them and AF shows later. I temped yesterday just to see if it was still up and it was so I don't think AF is coming early. Its just a waiting game. I don't know if I'll end up testing early or not at this point.

I just really hope this is our month. Please God let this be our BFP we've been waiting for!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blogger Award

First off I should be thanking My Lovely Lady Bump for giving me the Beautiful Blogger award. I'm a terrible blogger and am shocked to get any kind of award or that someone out there actually keeps up with my little ole blog! Now I'm supposed to tell you 7 interesting thing about me.

1. I pole dance. A couple of years ago my friend bought me the SFactor book as a joke. I read through it and got really interested in learning the pole work. Before you know it I had talked my husband into buying me a pole and was quickly wrapping myself around it in our living room. I love it. Its a great work out, sexy and empowering!
2. I work from home. I work as a medical transcriptionist and for those of you that are going huh, whats that? I sit on my computer all day listening to doctor's voice files and type them out. I enjoy it and one of the main reasons for going into this field was because I wanted to be a stay at home mom but at the same time needed to bring home a little bit of bacon :-) I went to school online for 18 months and have been transcribing for almost 4 years now.
3. I love to cook. I am always on the hunt for new recipes. Coaching cheerleading right now has put a damper on it but once March roles around I will be back in business.
4. I go gambling a couple times a month. My mom and I usually hit up a couple of casinos here in Indy. Sure we only play the penny slots but its the best thing to do to get my mind off of life...I'm sure the few drinks we get help too.
5. I have social anxiety disorder and OCD. I have a hard time even making a phone call to set up a hair appointment.
6. My husband and I just moved into our first house in May. I would say we have 20% of the house furnished. We're hoping to change that after tax season.
7. I love wine. My favorite kinds are the fruit based ones like raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and cherry.

Alright I'm supposed to nominate 7 other blogs and let them know I have nominated them. Now since I'm only a lurker...alright fine STALKER...I don't feel too comfortable telling complete strangers that have no idea I read there blog that I'm creepy and nominate them for an award. Like I said before...I'm a bad blogger, oh and please read number 5! However, if I were going to nominate it would be....

Mrs. G
Mrs. D
Mrs. T