Monday, September 28, 2009

Two Fifty Six

Thats what time it was this morning when I woke up with cramps. This happened last cycle and a couple of days later along came aunt flow (AF). I have had cramps off and on all day so I'm sure its over for this cycle. I have cried little today but after some much needed Mexican food and new episode of Gossip Girl (although its not as good this season am I right?) I am feeling better. Now its just a waiting game until AF officially arrives. And since it hasn't been a week since I ovulated I'm thinking that 50 mg of B6 needs to be doubled back to 100 mg.

Andrew and I have been talking about what next month will hold for us, whether or not we should pull out all of the stops, relax, or just chart again.....


Friday, September 25, 2009

Pills Regime

So, I wanted to drop in today with a post about what my pill regime is looking like these days. I have been taking a prenatals, Nature Made, since January and up until a couple of months ago that's all I was taking but then I started noticing how short my luteal phase (LP) was. It started out a good 14 days back in January and has slowly shortened. One month my LP was a whole 3 days long. I researched a little and decided that I was going to try to add B6 to regime. My mom had previously bought some for the most recent diet craze (apparently it stimulates metabolism?) but she didn't like them because they would make her hungry all the time so off to me they passed. They were 100 mg tablets and I took one a day. The first month on them I didn't really notice that much of a difference. I was no longer at a short LP of 3 but more around 11. The second month is when I noticed a tremendous improvement from 11 to 15! Woo! I did run out though and had to run out for a new bottle this cycle. All they had were 50 mg and yes I could take 2 a day to reach my 100 mg but I am hoping at even 50 mg it will have the same effect. You have to be carefull with B6, no overdosing for moi. And if this month my LP seems short I can double up next month.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If at first you don't succeed...

Now that we have the intro out of the way I want to give you an overview of the past few months trying to conceive (TTC).

I stopped taking the pill in June 2008. I knew it took a while for your body to regulate after going off of the pill so I wanted to get a headstart. Sure enough I went through cycles of 78 to 40-something, and finally landed on 32 day cycles.

I started charting and takin prenatal vitamins in January. Charting is a way to monitor your body so you can pinpoint ovulation and maximize chances of conception. For more information go to

Our first official month trying ended up being in February. I was set to ovulate around Valentine's Day and since we had a little weekend get-a-way planned we decided to forego the condoms and see what happened. I tested about 10 days after and got what I believed was a faint positive. Since I didn't know for sure and Andrew was still debating whether or not there was a line there I waited a couple of days to test again. Well, there was no mistaking this one, negative. So whether or not this was a chemical pregnancy or no pregnancy is still up for debate.

After this we made the decision to stop trying until we got into our new house in May but I still continued charting just to make sure I was ovulating regularly and see the average day of each cycle I was ovulating. Now we have been trying for 5 months consecutively. Last month we had a little bit of a setback with charting. We had well-timed sex and my chart looked amazing. Everyday I woke up to a higher temperature and from the charts that I had seen that turned out to be positive I was well on my way. I got my hopes up but it was only a matter of time before they came crashing down. AF, that wench...I was upset, as well as Andrew. I stopped charting for the month of September. I mean if it wasn't going to do anything except get my hopes up why chart?

As of now I am in the 2WW. According to my old charts I ovulated this week, probably around Tuesday, and at the very latest today. I am definitely feeling the effects of not charting. I just wish I knew when I ovulated! So, if this is not our month we decided I would chart next month but only up until I confirm ovulation. Fingers crossed that this is our month though!

P.S. I promise not to be so boring next time, just had a lot of catching up to do :-)

The Hosey's

This, is us. The man on the left is my adorable husband, Andrew. And yes, that's me, Bethany, on the right. We have been together for a little over 5 years now and were married on July 21, 2007. We recently moved into our first home in May and decided to start trying for a baby. For now its just us and our furbaby, Sophie.