Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Official Update

I just got home from the ER and after 2 ultrasounds (vaginal and abdominal), monitoring to make sure I wasn't having contractions and an internal exam (OMGOSH). My cervix is long and closed and everything is well with Baby!! I don't even have a UTI!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!!!

Hopefully only good news on this blog from here on out! Up next? Anatomy scan with only 3 days and counting! SO READY FOR SOME BABY SHOPPING!


Crossed Fingers said...

I'm so glad everything is OK! Did they say what was causing the pain?

bethany & andrew said...

It was never pain but a lot of pressure! It was so strange which is why I was worried. They never said what is causing it and that it might just be a symptom of pregnancy for me. I wish there was something more definite but I'll take a healthy baby and a healthy me any day of the week without much question :-)