Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Name Game

So if we had a little girl on the way the names would have been down to 2 choices. Easy right? Very. Boy names are quite a bit harder. It used to be between 2 names as well but while scrolling through the endless lists of names on baby name sites I added a few...okay maybe like 15. And we can't narrow them down! I will do my best today not to throw every single one at you. I'm also going to (when I feel like it) write something by the name that maybe sways or desways us from the name for whatever reason. Now I will need your opinions. HONEST opinions. Before we get started there is something you should also know. We are traditional people but I want to stay away from names on the top lists. My sister and I both grew up with fairly normal names but original. We never had someone in the same class, or at least I had 1 in high school. I'm not sure my sister has had any. My husband however has a very common name and hated that every time someone yelled out Andrew 10 boys would turn around! So without any more of my rambling lets get onto the names shall we?!

Owen Carter-I very much like this name and Carter as a middle name just really seemed to go well together. That being said my husband kind of has a tradition that got started in his family where the father's first name is the baby's middle name. He loves this idea and I'm fine by it but Owen Andrew? Not a fan.

Cooper Andrew-We have liked Cooper for a couple of years now. My parents like it and I think its a "cool" name.

Logan Andrew-I'm a fan of Logan. The husband likes it too. The only thing that irks me? The meaning. It means from the hollow. If any of you can throw a positive spin on this one let me know. I tried with...well we were TTC so my ute was hollow, now its not, thus he is coming from that once hollow place...HAHA I tried!!!

Egan Andrew-This is one of our top names. Tippy top. Egan is an Irish name (Andrew is very Irish probably at least 80% if not more haha. I have Irish in my blood somewhere.) Egan means little fire, which we just love! See both of us are short people. I am barely over 5 foot on a good day and Andrew might reach 5'5. So sorry little man but you are probably going to be short unless my mother's side comes through for ya. The one problem we have with this name is who has ever heard of Egan? I have heard it as a last name, which is what everyone has said when we tell them this name. I mean I don't think its too far out there. Its close to Ethan and thats a very traditional name. I just don't want it to be too far out there. Like I said we are traditional people but we do want something not as common. So whats your take on this name? Like it? Not your style? Even if you hate it and it isn't your style do you think its a bogus name like Sundance, Speck or Hud? Sorry Mellencamp.

And there you have it! Not bad right? I only gave you 4 names. I guess we do have a short list! Now put on your thinking caps, you too lurkey loos I need some opinions!

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Crossed Fingers said...

Owen makes me think of Owen Wilson - I like Owen, DH has already veto'd it.

Cooper is my sisters boyfriends sons name - he's a super great kid and I love the name too.

Love Logan too but it always reminds me of the Babysitters Club books. Did you read those? haha

Egan - I have never heard that name before. But I like that it's different. I'm a big fan of different yet not too different names so I like it on that alone! haha!