Tuesday, June 8, 2010

21 weeks and I'm moving!

No we aren't moving moving, just the blog is moving. I have decided to move on over to wordpress. I have been working on my new blog for about a week or 2 now and I think I'm ready to show it off. Its still a work in progress because I haven't updated my blogroll or posts from here yet but it looks nice and you'll be able to see its not only about baby anymore! Its going to be more about my life in all aspects and the things I'm interested in like cooking and decorating. Of course my baby posts will still be around but I will feel more free to write about what I want to write about and not feel so confined to baby, baby, baby.


Now onto the survey! Its a day late because blogger wouldn't let me post all day yesterday! Now this might be my last written survey. I'm thinking about continuing this survey via vlog entries on Fridays, what do you think?

-How far along? 21 weeks!
-How big is baby? A banana! According to my book baby weighs about a pound!
-Weight gain? Oh I don't even wanna know!
-Maternity clothes? Yup.
-Stretchies? Same
-Sleep? The more the better.
-Best moment this week? Yesterday our crib and glider got here and we put it up last night! Everything looks great and is a dead match!
-Movement? Yup, I still don't get big kicks very often but I can feel him moving around. Its especially weird when he rolls haha
-Food cravings? Smoothies and fresh corn! I love summer!
-Gender? Its a BOY!
-Labor signs? Nooooo, thank you!
-Belly button in or out? I can pop my belly button out if I push on it haha! It is so weird...
-What I miss? Still the theme park thing. A big group of friends went to a big waterpark last weekend. I wasn't even invited. Pregnant bellah not good for theme park...
-What I am looking forward to? V-day! V-day! V-day!
-Weekly wisdom? A smoothie a day keeps the constipation at bay haha
-Milestones? Getting started on the nursery!!!

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